Bundle Products in Magento 2.0

Bundle Products in Magento 2.0

A bundle product in magento allows customers to build their own customized version of a product from a miscellaneous collection of options. You can sell simple ,configurable and virtual products as parts of a bundle product.For example , if someone is buying a Customizable Computer System then user must have some options to select RAM and Hard Disc size,cabinet,CPU etc. Once the product is configured, user will place an order for a fully build Computer System. The final price of the product will depend on what the customer selects as options.

How do you proceed if you need to add a new bundle product in Magento 2.0?  This tutorial will show you how to create a bundle product in your Magento store.

Bundle Product

Let’s take the above example of selling desktop PCs. We can see that this product has options. Each custom option’s value corresponds to one simple product. So before creating a bundle product you need to create several simple products that are associated with the bundle product. Click here  to know how to add a simple product in Magento 2.0

  • Step 1 :

To add a new bundle product, Navigate to the Products>Catalog section from the Magento admin panel. Click the “Add Product” button to start configuring a new Product. You can choose the “Bundle Product” option from the drop-down box available here.

Add Bundle Product

  • Step 2 :

Fill up the product details of the main product. Here you can choose SKU, Weight and price either to be dynamic or fixed. Dynamic value option means that your bundle product value will depend on the value of each product in the Bundle. The fixed values will not change on customer’s choice. You can also select the shipment mode (together or separately) for the product items. Now click on “Create New Option” button at the bottom of the page.

Bundle product details

  • Step 3 :

Now we need to add customizable options for our bundle product. I have added CPU in the first option and set it as a default choice.

Bundle product options

To add products to the option, press “Add Products to Option” button. Choose products you want to add to the option. Press “Add selected Products” button to add the products to option.

Bundle option products

  • Step 4 :

Create as many option as you want to include in your bundle product. I have added options CPU , cabinet , RAM , Hard Disk Drive and monitor for my product “Desktop PC”.

Bundle product save

When this is done , click on “save” button to save all product information you have created. Now you can configure your product settings for Images and Videos, SEO description, websites etc. 🙂


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